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What T$R Does

In addition, The Shareholder Report will do the following for the each profiled company:

Independent Stock
Research Reports

Beware of stock investment websites because many are fraudulent according the SEC.  Many sites/people claim that they’re independent but they have been compensated.  Some fraudulently lie about their investment credentials and some engage in scalping (sell into the buying following their recommendations), etc., etc.  Always do your own research and NEVER rely on such sites for investment advice.

The Shareholder Report is independent and it does not receive compensation from any company it profiles!

Credible Stock Research Reports

The Shareholder Report’s content has received attention from qualified industry experts.

After the release of my first report, Doubleview Gold’s CEO/President said he received phone calls from a few prominent mining analysts in Vancouver that referenced my research report!

The CEO of a well-established Canadian Investor Relations firm thought I was a mining analyst after reading some of my content.

The CEO/President of a company I profiled said Eric Sprott enjoyed reading some of my reports I had written on the company!

I have received several offers from publicly traded companies/Investor Relations firms  to profile their companies.

Best Junior Mining Stock Research

If you’re like me and do ridiculous amounts of due diligence/research on junior mining stocks before buying and on a continuous basis once a shareholder, The Shareholder Report has the best junior mining stock research pages on the companies it profiles.

Everything and anything related to the companies it profiles are conveniently located on their dedicated research pages.

The dedicated company research pages are continuously updated.

Ideal Investors

The Shareholder Report’s target audience is as follows:

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For a limited duration, The Shareholder Report subscription is FREE.  This limited time free membership can terminate with little to no notice.  The expiration date of the free access is unknown at this time.  Since the launch of the website in January 2022, membership has been free.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by subscribing during the free subscription period. 

The Shareholder Report continuously keeps the dedicated research material of the profiled companies updated, keeps subscribers updated on company developments and provides interpretation/opinion of company news as required.

The Shareholder Report has a vested interest in the success of the companies it profiles.  It has a proven strategy to professionally initiate the domino effect for a company.

Prior to subscribing, you are required to read the Disclosure, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.  By subscribing, it indicates that you have read these documents and are in agreement with them.

Unlike other websites, The Shareholder Report will NOT spam you with emails about new content so please visit the website often to stay updated.

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To read more info on the SEC Stock Recommendations Fraud article, please see SEC Stock Recommendation Fraud

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