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Turning Undiscovered Stocks into Potential Life-Changing Opportunities


The Shareholder Report is still in its infancy and is not well known yet. The larger The Shareholder Report community becomes, the more motivated I become to expand it and create content.

If you have benefited in any way or enjoy what I do, please consider taking the time to provide some feedback.

Your feedback and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.

What Industry Experts Said

The Shareholder Report’s content has received attention from qualified industry experts.

After the release of my first report, Doubleview Gold’s CEO/President said he received phone calls from a few prominent mining analysts in Vancouver that referenced my research report!

The CEO of a well-established Canadian Investor Relations firm thought I was a mining analyst after reading some of my content. 

The CEO/President of a company I profiled said Eric Sprott enjoyed reading some of my reports I had written on the company!

I have received several offers from publicly traded companies / Investor Relations firms  to profile their companies.


07 March, 2023 - Posted on the Doubeview Gold Telegram chat by Richard Dawkins (posted with permission)
29 April, 2024 - Received privately on Twitter (posted with permission)

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