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“The Shareholder Report” and everything associated with it (website, reports, emails, contents on social media, etc.) were created for entertainment and informational purposes only by a shareholder of the companies being profiled or mentioned by “The Shareholder Report.”  Since the writer owns shares of the company being profiled and possibly warrants from having participated in a financing, the writer is biased and has a vested invest to see the price increase like any other shareholder.

“The Shareholder Report” attempts to remain as independent as possible.  It does not accept compensation, donations, subscription payments, sponsors or advertisers from any publicly traded companies (includes directors, officers, insiders, management and employees as well as their immediate family members) or from any entity that is compensated to promote publicly traded companies (includes the employees of the promotional company and their immediate family members).  In the unlikely event of such compensation, it will be immediately disclosed and will also be reflected on all follow-on published material to indicate at what point the compensation occurred.

Since “The Shareholder Report” is not a paid membership/stock newsletter service and costs are incurred to produce content and run the website, it does accept gifts/donations that meet certain conditions from its subscribers on a voluntary basis as long as there is no conflict of interest that might jeopardize The Shareholder Report’s independent status.  There is  a strict screening process and all gift/donations that might jeopardize the independent status will NOT be accepted.

Although everyone associated with The Shareholder Report are investors and not traders, they can buy or sell shares of the profiled/discussed companies at any time with no prior notice.

Although the writer is a shareholder at the initial profiling of a company, the writer may temporarily no longer be a shareholder at any given time while the company continues to be profiled IF the writer has intention of becoming a shareholder again.  Although this is not common, it would NEVER be done to trade the stock and would only be temporary to capitalize on a near-term catalyst of another company.  If the writer has no intention of becoming a shareholder again or doesn’t become a shareholder again in a reasonable amount of time, the company will cease to be profiled on The Shareholder Report.

Compensation Received from All Companies*

Nothing to disclose

*All companies including past profiled companies.  Compensation includes anything from a director, officer, management, insider, employee, promoter, etc. of a publicly traded company including from their immediate family members.  For transparency, anything that might jeopardize the independent status of The Shareholder Report (other than being a shareholder of the companies) will be declared on this page even if it isn’t considered compensation (see section below).

Promotional Items Received from All Companies

Doubleview Gold

July 2020- Although not considered “compensation,” for transparency both my spouse (my spouse is not involved with The Shareholder Report) and I received 1 baseball hat each from Doubleview Gold.

The company publicly announced any shareholder could receive a company hat for free and it was available to any shareholder upon request.  Being long time shareholders of Doubleview Gold, my spouse and I requested a free company hat.  We have never worn the hats.

To remain neutral in the profiling of companies by The Shareholder Report, I will not wear the hat that I requested myself (even if my spouse is not associated with The Shareholder Report, she is not a hat wearing person and will not wear her hat either).  We requested the hats mainly for souvenir purposes.


July 2022- Although not considered “compensation,” for transparency I receive a free baseball hat from ESGold.  ESGold was giving free baseball hats and t-shirts to people that wanted them (I didn’t receive a t-shirt).

To remain neutral in the profiling of companies by The Shareholder Report, I will not wear the hat.  The hat will be kept as a souvenir.



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For the Investopedia definition of disclosure, please see Investopedia “What is a Disclosure: Explained in Plain English”

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